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Below are some links to other sources and webpages

CGCG Facebook Page

American Community Gardening Association

National Gardening Association

Okaloosa County Master Gardeners

Local Okaloosa County Ag Extension

LOCAL  Gardening Resources

NATIONAL Gardening Resources

Front Yard Farmer: Dennis Gilson's garden blog from Niceville.


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3098 Airport Rd, Crestview, FL


A treasure trove of useful info and how-to videos


The premier advocacy group for community gardening.

Volunteers who have received 52  hours of instruction, 75 hrs internship, and 10 hrs Continuing Education each year in local horticulture.


Excellent local resource.


   30 minute video feature  on community gardening in Okaloosa County, FL


'Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide'

     Great introductory overview the

     subject by Univ. of FL EDIS (SP103)

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Janis Griffin & Family


Carrington Manor

Alzheimer Care







"The Good Country"

The Z-Files


Add to or subtract from a date. Very helpful in planning planting dates from a frost, compute harvest time,etc...

Current Northwest Florida Radar



FAWN: Local agricultural weather

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