Now is a time for new beginnings. 

Fortunately, gardening your own food is good for much of what you might need to change.

     *Are you unemployed?

     *Is your credit card maxed and you need to become more frugal?

     *Is this the year you finally want to improve your diet and get exercise?

     *Are you tired of being isolated and want to get out and meet people?

     *Do you want to live closer to the earth and Nature?

     *Do you want to  unplug and add more beauty and joy to life?


The answer to all of these and much more can be found in the garden.  Resolve to take action and commit to the change you seek.  Commitment to live within your means and become frugal paradoxically makes life richer.  A decision to forge a different way of living means you are already stronger.  So let's get to work!






 "In the New Year, may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship, but never in want."                       Irish toast

Theses are the SEEDS which you can plant now. Click on each button to learn how:

These TRANSPLANTS can be set out in the garden: