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Garden  Inquiry:

Here's how community gardens work:


For a small donation or by helping in the garden, gardeners are able to adopt their own  garden bed.  But this requires a commitment from you:  be prepared to water, keep it weeded, spend time in the garden every week, and abide by the garden rules. Experienced gardeners, Master Gardeners, and this website can help even beginning gardeners to make a good start.  Tools, seeds and everything you need to get started is furnished.

Applications are being forwarded to the new managers of the New Bethel garden site, to collect a list of interested individuals. This will enable them to contact you when the project is up and running.



Please let us know a bit about your interest by answering these questions:

     Have you gardened before?

     How did you hear about us? 

     What is your main reason for wanting to participate in the community garden?

     Do you want  to adopt a raised bed (12'x4'x12") or help us with the row crops? 

     Are you interested in working to help the garden organization build the garden?


Your details were sent successfully!

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