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Thermometers at all official weather stations are placed at 5 feet above the ground in a shelter.  Since cold air sinks, it is significantly colder (4-8 degrees) at ground level than these measurements indicate.


According to NOAA and state climatologists:

      36 degree temperatures should be interpreted as FROST temps

      32 degree temperature should be interpreted as FREEZE temps.



CLIMATE information for Crestview:



Local climate information for Crestview, FL Based on updated infomation from National Climate Data Center at NOAA, period 1981-2010:


  • Crestview and most of Okaloosa Co. is in Zone 8b, with Zone 8a on USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map beginning  north of Crestview in the extreme north end of the county.

  • All of Okaloosa County is very likely to be frost free from April 22th to Oct 29th. (9  years out of 10).

  • Average date of last frost here in Crestview is April 8th, range Mar 21st-Apr.23th (9 years out of 10)

  • Average date of last freeze is Mar. 27, range Mar. 5th-Apr 14th

  • Average date of first fall frost is Oct 29th, range Oct.15th-Nov. 14th(9 years out of 10)

  • Average first freeze is Nov.8, range Oct 24th-Dec.1st

  • Winter lows in Crestview are in the upper to mid teens, lower in low-lying areas.

  • Average "chill hours" (time <45°) for fruit trees here is 425-650 hours.



CLICK below for Frost/Freeze probabilities for Crestview:

For our neighbors to the north and south:

Data from weather stations is only processed from 3 stations in our county.  We contacted the National Climactic Data Center of NOAA. They referred us to Dr. David Zierden, State Climatologist of Florida.  The following is based upon his recommendations in concert with local growers:


    * Destin is unique in that it has water on two sides to moderate temperatures

Last Frost:  Average Feb. 26, range Feb 2-Mar. 18       (9 years out of 10)

Last Freeze: Average Feb. 10, range Jan. 10- Mar. 5    (9 years out of 10)

First Frost:  Average Feb (range  Dec. 6- Jan. 22,         (9 years out of 10)

First Freeze: Average Dec.23, range Dec. 6-Jan.22      (9 years out of 10)


     *Prevailing north winds on cold nights come across land here.

Last Frost: Average Apr.1, range Mar.12-to April 17    (9 years out of 10)

Last Freeze: Average Mar. 19, range Feb. 22- Apr. 9  (9 years out of 10)

First Frost:  Average Nov.8, range Oct.15 to Nov 29    (9 years out of 10)

First Freeze: Average Nov. 22, range Nov. 2-Dec.12   (9 years out of 10)


     * You are  colder than the rest of us. The dates from Brewton will serve you best.


DATE CALCULATOR:  Very helpful in determining  planting dates from YOUR average expected  frost for your specific crop, specific area, compute harvest time,etc...
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