Background and Purpose​

Throughout history, humans have looked to the land for nourishment and accomplishment, finding joy and pride in feeding themselves, their families, and their communities. Necessary skills and knowledge were passed down through countless generations, forging a bond that modern life has now broken for many. Through this community garden project, garden members with that knowledge and those skills will reach out to their neighbors, re-forging the bonds - and strengthening our community members and the community itself.

We believe in core American values: a solid work ethic, cooperation, community, and the need for individuals to strive towards self-reliance. We believe in uniting with anyone of goodwill in this grass-roots, all-volunteer effort using only private and local resources to demonstrate what can be accomplished by a community pulling together.

Common Ground Community Garden, will help participants to:

* Grow local, fresh, nutritious food.


* Learn local best gardening practices.


* Reduce family food budget.

* Steward limited resources.

* Have healthier bodies & healthier






of their families & our community.

* Reconnect with Nature.

* Beautify & enrich their neighborhood.

* Forge connections with neighbors.

* Increase self-reliance.


* Discover rewarding work.


* Increase resilience & preparedness

* Create opportunities for income &



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